Monday, July 26, 2010

The Park.

We spent ages at the park today.
It was lovely.

Kids and Dogs.
And fallen leaves.
Bikes. Toy tractors. Big sticks.
And of course a few grizzles when it was time to go home.

Wet muddy dogs to take home in the car.
Usually accompanied by a rather unpleasant odour of rotting animal or poo -
...depending on what the dog had decided to have a roll in today.

A few scrapes from running too fast on the gravel - but we had fun.
Tired and Happy.


  1. See, now that's how a wintry trip to the park is supposed to be. Except when we last tried for one at the end of Autumn, we were all rolling in the leaves with abandon and the poo stink had nothing to do with the dog...

  2. Ah, these are the days I can't wait for when we start our family. It sounds gorgeous. I love your bags and what a beautiful blog.


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