Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not enough.

Am feeling a little overwhelmed this week.
After a great day at the Markets on Saturday, I now have heaps and heaps of work to do.
I really need to make some skirts because the rack is looking a bit empty.
I also need to make a whole bunch of Handbags, and had hoped to get some Shoulder Bags sewn up... or at least cut out.

The week is half over, and I feel like I've not really accomplished very much.
I'm not really sure what I've been doing with my time...
I've sent a few emails, and placed a few orders.
I've also managed to get a heap of purses ready.
But... it's not enough.

As well as all my own work, I'm also in charge of organising the Playgroup Craft activities this week.
I'm doing an 'Under the Sea' theme.
A bit of Drawing.
A bit of Painting.
A bit of Cutting and Sticking.

Fishy craft.
I kinda have that under control... I think.

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  1. Your sewing is lovely. Good luck with getting Playgroup "fully" under control!


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