Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Dear.

I've been a bit slack haven't I...
But only in the blogging department though.

Otherwise I've been very busy...

Christmas and New Year and all that goes along with it.
Catching up with friends and family.
A little holiday to the 'Beach House'.
Swimming. Fishing. Toasting marshmallows.
Picnics and wine in the backyard.
Photos and text for the new website.
Cleaning. Sorting. Organising.
Gardening - which includes hauling rocks from one end of the garden to another, planting herbs, building rock walls, digging, raking, pruning... blah blah blah

And of course - sewing like a maniac.

But I'm feeling good.
Getting things done.

Now to go and make some red corduroy curtains for the little mans bedroom.
Then cut out at least five more skirts and a dozen handbags.
And try to get to bed before 3am...

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