Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The perfect pair of scissors...
I've been looking - but I still haven't found them.

I've managed to collect quite a few over the years, and none of them are quite right.
This isn't even counting all the ones that have ended up as kitchen scissors... or paper craft scissors.
And there's also that pair that have been hanging around in the car (for about six months) waiting to be taken and sharpened.

Perhaps I'll just have to buy a new pair of scissors...
The perfect pair.
They must be out there. Somewhere.


  1. Have you tried the "Mundial - Serra sharp". You can get them at spotlight and lincraft. They are an absolute godsend. I have a couple of pairs but I do keep them away from paper!!!

  2. Hi Adriana,

    I have dug deep into my archives and found the link I was looking for...

    I also have one of these....

    They are absolutely fantastic for cutting all fabrics including denim and cord. Its saved my wrists when I was making pants.

    Be warned though....Its bloody powerful and strong. I had to get my husband to lower the guard so I didn't feel like I was going to chop my fingers off. Its loud and you will need ear muffs but it is super fast and efficient.

    I would trace my pattern onto the fabric and then cut away. It decreased my cutting time by LOADS.

    You will also need a USA adaptor for the plug...I got mine for under $10 at the local electronics store. would be no good for the smaller circles that you do, you would need the scissors for that.

    Good Luck

    Leonie x

    (I've been lurking on your blog for about a year now...just bloody hopless at commenting...sorry!!)

  3. WOW - Thanks so much!
    I really appreciate all that information.

    I've thought about an electric cutter for ages... but just never got around to finding one!
    Cutting out takes so long - so I'll definitely have a think about one of these.
    It'd be especially good for the bags, where I need to cut a whole lot out all the same...

    Once again - Thanks heaps.
    It's always nice to get helpful information from lovely people!
    Adriana X

    I'm a big fan of your blog.
    It was one of the first ones I discovered - very inspiring!


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