Saturday, April 30, 2011


Generally I'm a fairly organised person. I like to have my workspace tidy.
In fact, I NEED to have my workspace tidy.
I like things to be put away. Neatly.
I can't stand having bits of crap lying around.
I don't work well when there's clutter.
I get cross and sometimes I yell at the sewing machine. (Pointless - I know.)

I vaccum my sewing studio every week because I hate thready bits sticking to everything.
I clean my machines fairly regularly and empty the rubbish before it overflows.
I have a big basket of scrappy bits under the ironing board which I sort through occasionally.
Zips are in one tub. Buttons in another. Ribbons all rolled up. Threads are all together.
Everything has a place.

Well, almost everything...
There seems to be a whole heap of fabric. In piles. Everywhere.
On the table. Under the table. On the shelf above the table.
In the cupboard. In front of the cupboard. On top of the cupboard.
In the big suitcase. In the cardboard box. In the laundry basket.

I don't know how it happened.
It's driving me bonkers.

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  1. ...and it's all sooooo beautiful and colourful (swoon)!


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