Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Creative Space.

This week I've been sorting through all my corduroy scraps. And there's been lots.
I've cut up stacks and stacks of pieces in various sized rectangles.
All ready to be individually designed and sewn up into purses. Hundreds of them.
I've completely emptied the stash basket, cut up all of these (and more - I think there's about 6 piles of them). I even managed to fill a bag to take the charity shop. Hopefully someone else will be able to do something creative with them too. I like the idea that they won't be wasted.

I had 10 new rolls of fabric arrive at my door late last week, and at the moment I'm really struggling to keep my sewing room organised and tidy. Because that's how I like it to be. It's nice to have new colours to experiment with, and I'm actually really looking forward to designing some new skirts soon. I guess I'm just wishing that I could take a few weeks off and get things in order. I'm feeling a bit bogged down and cluttered.
Is there such a thing as too much fabric...?

I also managed to cut out about 80 handbags this week, but I have absolutely no idea when I'll manage to sew them all together. It's hard work and I'm feeling like I need a rest. I still need to cut out all the lining pieces, ribbons and the print panels. Then there's choosing buttons and sewing them all on by hand. And embroidery on each bag. And making the straps... Argh!  It's probably a months worth of work in all.

In saying that, I know I'm extremely lucky to be able to work for myself at home. And to have the opportunities I do. To be able to go out and buy new fabric. To have a warm house with space for a sewing studio. And a place where I can sell my creations each week. I'm fortunate - and I shouldn't be complaining.
Maybe I just need to stop, take a deep breath and think of all the positives.

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  1. Maybe just have a cup of tea and then think about one thing at a time. Also, maybe I should take my own advice. I'm exploring creative space links instead of my own mile-long to do list. This is much nicer, though, and rather inspiring :)

  2. you've got lots done by the sounds of it. Love the photo of your rolls of fabric. Lucky you.

  3. Wow - love that picture of all the bags lined up :-)

  4. What a wonderful collection! I totally get the feeling of overwhelm. My place is a MESS but I can't stop because there's such a long list of things that need to be done. I'm thinking January will be the month off to refresh... it's just that it's so far away...

  5. I guess you can never have too much fabric, just as jewellery makers can never have too many beads.
    A crafting friend who is considering starting her own business came in to ask today did I have any regrets about opening my shop. I didn't need to think long to say that I absolutely love being my own boss and making and doing what I really enjoy. There are days when I need to remind myself that I'm doing what I love, and sometimes deadlines can be a bit overwhelming, but I really wouldn't change a thing. Deep breath then dive back in.

  6. Wearing my new Adrianaskirt to a christening tomorrow!!
    XX marguerite

  7. I know all those feelings.
    Take a break! Have a day out, get newly inspired, see new things, talk to strangers - it will make you come back and see things differently. I promise!
    Gorgeous colours by the way, and thanks for your comments at my place.
    Have a great weekend x


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