Monday, August 22, 2011

So far.

I guess I've had a fairly good start to the week.  There's already stuff getting done.
I'm trying to work out what stock I have, and what I need to make.
A big pile of Handbags and then a bunch of skirts.  All in new colours.
I think I'm doing ok, so far.  It's only Monday...

I have a list. I'm on track... but I tend to get distracted easily.


  1. Nothing like a list to make you feel organised even if you're absolutely not!

  2. It's nice to be busy.
    Also nice to be on holiday.
    I do enjoy looking at your photos and admiring your productivity as I gaze out at tropical waters...
    xxx Marguerite on 2XS

  3. Hearing you on the distraction. I, er, shouldn't be reading this blog post. Hope you've had lots more success at the knuckling down business than me!


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