Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've been playing around with the Macro Lens on my camera lately.
It's fun...

I just want to take close up photos of all kinds of things.
I love to see the colours and texture.

And all the details.
And (ahem) some of the mistakes...

Another long day at the Markets today.
Over for another week.
It gets pretty exhausting setting up a shop every Saturday morning.
Then packing it all back up again at the end of the day. But I do enjoy it. Really.
I'm so lucky to have my own little space at Salamanca.
I've been told that it's the biggest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere....
Not sure if that's actually true. But it sounds good.

The quietest month of the year is coming up, so I might even take a couple of weeks off.
A little family holiday is in order, I think.

Tomorrow we'll be doing some visiting and probably a bit of biscuit eating.
The little man asked specifically for 'those chocolate ones with sqiushy inside'...
Marshmallow. Covered with chocolate. On a biscuit.
Yep - we can do that.

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  1. Everything looks better in macro! Enjoy your marker break - they are really exhausting.


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