Monday, August 2, 2010


When I'm putting the finishing touches on my skirts they almost always have a 'three' theme.

Whether it's three different colours, three pieces of applique, three panels of fabric or three rows of stitching.

Very often... it's three buttons.
Generally sewn together in a little cluster.
It always seems just the right amount.
Not too much. Just enough.

I usually put images in a set of three too.
To me there's always something visually pleasing about seeing three things grouped together.
Even though it's an odd number... it always looks balanced.
I think so, anyway.


  1. I entirely agree. This is why I have three children. Seriously. One boy and one girl was putting me off balance. Is that taking things too far?

  2. I agree with the magic of number three. I know it's used a lot in writing too! You know, three things that get in the way of the characters achieving their goals....etc. I love the button clusters on the skirts.


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