Thursday, July 8, 2010

My creative space.

I'm only new to this blogging business, and to tell the truth - I'm not sure if I have anything very interesting to say that people out there may want to read.
But I'm giving it a go anyway.

I love reading other crafty blogs, and have been really inspired by so many of them.
Its great to share ideas.

In my creative space today, I'm sewing up a huge pile of handbags.
First I'll be hand-sewing lots of buttons on... Blah.
It always takes me ages.

Then I'll fire up my industrial machine (known as 'The Beast') and sew all the big bits together.
I think it'll be another very late finish for me tonight.
At least my sewing room is nice and cosy.
I remembered to come down earlier and switch on the heater. Nice.

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  1. Hey I live in Perth and I have admired your bags the last couple of times I have been at Salamanca while visiting with my sister. They are just lovely.


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