Friday, August 6, 2010

Another week.

It's Friday night again...
Ready for another wintery day at Salamanca Market tomorrow.
I haven't done nearly as much work this week as I had planned.
Been concentrating on cleaning and organising the house instead.
I even managed a few early-ish nights and a couple of decent sleep-ins.
Very nice. And always appreciated.

This is a view of my little market site.
Handbags and Denim messenger bags.
My two most popular designs.
It's nice to see them all displayed together.

And these are some of the mobile phone cozies I've made.
They keep your phone all snug and protected.
They're nicely padded and have an elastic strap that wraps around the middle.
Nice bright colours too - so you can easily find them in the bottom of your bag.

Just need to do a few last minute finishing jobs before I head upstairs to bed.
I'm actually feeling quite organised and relaxed.
Things are under control.
That's rare for a Friday night.
Just gotta remember to set the alarm...

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  1. Look at them all together! They look ace. Such a lot of work in that display.Must make you very happy to see them like that. Well done clever craftslady.


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