Saturday, August 7, 2010

Playgroup Craft.

This week I was in charge of organising the craft activities at our Playgroup.
We have a roster system so that all the jobs get shared out equally amongst the mums and dads.
It's great - it means that we're all responsible for making our kids Playgroup a fun weekly event.
After tossing around lots of ideas I decided to go with a basic 'puppet' theme.

I came up with three different activities.
A paper bag Owl hand puppet.
The kids loved sticking on the wings, beak, eyes and ears, and then drawing feathery bits.

A colourful Fish on a stick.
Decorated with cut bits of paper and a drinking straw.

And a dangly Spider on a string.
Made with coloured pipe cleaners, wool and googly eyes.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
I sure did.

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  1. Oooh, I love this sort of thing! I can't wait until our baby arrives and is old enough to do the craft stuff with! Clever of you to have some alternatives to try out too! I hope the market went well. I bet it was cold! I'd love to duck over and visit those markets again. So much great stuff in one small location!


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