Monday, August 30, 2010


Doing a bit of re-designing this week.
Working on some new ideas.
Adjusting some of my patterns. Making up some new ones.
Re-jigging some of my bag and purse styles.

Starting to think about building up my stock for the summer market madness.
Trying to make things a bit easier on myself... in the long run.

Every year I convince myself that I'll work like a maniac over the slower winter months to build up a big stockpile of bags and purses, ready to just pull off the shelf whenever I need them.
I figure this would solve some of the sewing stress that happens over those six weeks before Christmas and those few months after.
Every year I fail.

It's just that when it's all a bit slower, I relax a bit.
I think to myself that maybe I only need to make a few items this week, how about a couple of early nights, start a bit of knitting, maybe watch a few movies, maybe even sort out my tax stuff (yeah, right...) and then all of a sudden it gets busy and I'm struggling to keep up again.

It means staying up till the wee hours every night cutting and sewing.
It means that I haven't had the foresight to order extra fabrics, zips, ribbons, buttons, blah blah blah. And of course the suppliers often close down for a few weeks over the silly season...

This year I'm determined that things WILL be different.
I can already envisage the huge piles of bags, and the big tubs of purses and the many racks of skirts all sitting patiently in my sewing room waiting for their turn to go to market... all finished and done. I can already imagine enjoying relaxed warm Friday nights, getting to bed early, having long uninterrupted sleeps, before the busy Saturday at Salamanca, with a stall full of amazing products to sell.

Guess I better get started...

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