Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salamanca Market.

Yep. That's me...
On the cover. The 'face' of Salamanca Market.
When this photo was taken, I'd just run from the opposite end of the market and was feeling very hot and flustered. It was a stinking hot day in Hobart.
That was back when I was a casual stallholder. A few years ago.

If you come down to Tassie, you really should visit Salamanca Market.
There's over 300 stalls.
Sure - there's the usual imported crap... but there's lots of good stuff too.
Lately there's been more and more locally made products - which is great.
There's always a good vibe. And always lots of people.

There's the locals, having brekkie, getting coffee and doing their weekly vegie shopping.
There's the tour groups who arrive early and then leave after an hour to head on to their next destination. (You can tell them by their matching caps or name badges.)
There's always lots of international travellers.... as well as all the interstate visitors.
And of course... There's ME. I'm there every week.

This weekend is the Wooden Boat Festival.
"Celebrating our nation's rich maritime culture and heritage, the MyState Financial Australian Wooden Boat Festival has established a reputation as one of the world's best maritime events. Held on Hobart's vibrant waterfront, the four-day festival brings together the biggest collection of wooden boats in the southern hemisphere. " From here.

So, if the sun is shining - it should be a good weekend.
Lots happening. Lots to see.


  1. I love Salamanca Market but haven't been for many years. Your stall and bags look so fabulous!

  2. I remember going 20 years ago - and would love to go back. It is a gorgeous picture!


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