Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big things.

This weekend is a big one.
Not at my market stall. Not at my sewing machine.
Big. With the Family.

My mum and Dad have a small vineyard.
And a little olive grove. Lots of fruit and nut trees. And a big vegie patch by a river.

They make their own wine. They press their olives for oil.
They dry their own chillies and roast their own chestnuts.
And they grow a whole lot of wonderful fresh produce.

And I have a brother who's on tele. Yep - a celebrity. Or so we joke...

This Sunday they're opening up their little patch of land for the Australian Open Garden Scheme.
A stroll around the place.
A few informal talks and workshops.
A typical Italian meal made with vegies from the garden.
And a complimentary glass of my dads wine.

All of my Italian aunties (zie) will be there, busily preparing plates of antipasto, and I'll be serving up homemade gnocchi to 90 guests... Arghh.

I hope it's a lovely sunny day.
And I hope that it all runs smoothly.
Everyone's worked so hard.

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