Monday, April 11, 2011


I work hard.
And I'm proud of what I create.

I come up with all my own ideas and I draw and cut all my own patterns.
I try to keep all of my designs as one-off-originals, or at least VERY limited edition pieces. I only buy small quantities of print fabrics and I try out lots of different colour combinations.
I also try to make sure that all my products are of a high standard.
After all, it's my name on the tag.

I've been designing and selling my work at Salamanca Market for over seven years now.
I love interacting with customers.
I love it when people appreciate my work and give me positive feedback.
I love displaying my new batch of products. The stuff I've been working on that week.

What I don't love is when a nearby stallholder starts selling something almost identical. When that person had a good old sticky-beak through my rack only a few weeks ago and has now started copying my work.

That's just not cool.


  1. I love your work. I purchased 2 of your items when I was in Tassie last time. I can't wait to come back & get more of your goods. My whole wardrobe would be FULL of your work if I lived closer ;)

    I'm terribly sorry about this other person stealing your ideas, though! :( I know your items will prevail, because of the quality, caring and love that went into them!

  2. That's horrible! Can the market organisers take any action?

  3. Thanks Guys.
    I really appreciate your comments...
    Let's just wait and see what happens, I guess.

  4. Dear Adriana,
    I just love your work, thank you so much for letting me take some photos to share with my readers! is a link to my post about you and some other lovely artists at Salamanca!


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