Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Creative Space.

I've got lots of corduroy scraps.  Offcuts from bags and skirts.  A couple of baskets full at the moment.
Lots of great colours.  There's some good sized pieces, nothing too small.  But all odd shapes.

I hate to throw them away.  They're too good.  Most of the scraps are piled up in a basket that sits under the ironing board.  Sometimes I'll be inspired to cut up a few bits and make some little purses. 

This week I'm trying to sort through them and use up as much as possible.  I'm making a bunch of bags, and if I try, I can often find a big enough piece in the scrap basket to cut out a bag base or strap.

But it takes time.  It takes longer to go through and find a good sized scrap, than to cut from a nice new piece of corduroy, straight off the roll.  So my work is plodding along at snails pace.
Making and sorting at the same time.  I guess I'm multi-tasking.  In slow motion.

Oh well, if I don't manage to get the bags all finished, at least I'll have a bit more space in my scrap baskets. 

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  1. Definitely progress when you see your scrap baskets having more room for more scraps. Nice bag.

  2. Love the rainbow of scraps you have! Would sorting them by size rather than/as well as colour help you find the best size quicker?
    Smallest at the top and bigger towards the bottom maybe?

  3. Slow motion multi tasking sounds a bit like my day. Good luck clearing your left overs. I've been trying to do that with my yarn stash yet it just keeps growing. How does that happen ??


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