Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What we've been doing.

Been doing lots of this lately. Working in the backyard with my man and my boy. 
Spending ours days together. Digging. Building. Rendering. Fixing. Planting. Lugging bricks and pavers and bags of concrete and mortar down from the driveway.
We've all been covered in mud. It's been great.

After all the rain we've had recently here in Hobart, the ground is soggy, and in our backyard it's turned to thick, stodgy clay-based mud. Of course our gumboots are caked with it. And it's been walked all over the deck and up the stairs. There's even been a few footprints on the new carpet.

We've been building new steps down to the bottom part of the garden.
We've been moving big rocks and pushing around the wheelbarrow.
We've been testing out the new barbeque.  My man built us a new chunky timber bench top that the barbeque sits in. It even has it's own little under cover area.  No more barbequeing in the rain.
We've been sorting out the massive mess of timber offcuts, hand tools, power tools, nuts, bolts, drill-bits and random hardware items that have accumulated around the place.
We've taken a big load of stuff to the tip. 
We've planted new herbs out the front and about 20 new natives out the back.
We've cleaned out all the chook poo and collected all the gum leaves, fallen branches, garden compost and rocky rubble and used it to fill an empty area behind a retaining wall.
We've had aches and pains and bruised jammed fingers.  Even a couple of tantrums.
We've managed to blow up one vaccum cleaner (11years old) and break the other (2years old).
We've been eating lots of yummy homemade pizza. And even making our own dough.
We've been drawing and painting, and playing games of 'snap'.
We've been growing our own salad sprouts.
We've been looking forward to summer.

And in words from my 4year old - we've also been 'banging out tunes'...
He's getting into music lately. Good music. Our music. Not the kiddie kind.

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  1. Sounds like a great day, Adriana.
    I wore my beautiful new skirt for the first time tonight and it was much admired - am sending people your way!
    xx Marguerite (from sailing2xs)


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