Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's getting busier at the market.
People are shopping for Christmas presents.
Yesterday was a 'Handbag' day. I sold quite a few.
The last few Saturdays, it's been mostly skirts. 

It often works that way. 
One week I'll sell mostly one product and then not much the next week.
Maybe it depends on how I display my stock. And what actual stock I have on that particular day.
If I have more skirts hanging on the rack, then maybe that's what people will be drawn to.

Although, as I said, people are buying Christmas presents at the moment. 
Bags are probably an easier gift to buy for someone else.
They're also nice and easy to wrap and pop in the post.

Perhaps after Christmas people will be buying more gifts for themselves.
I hope so. We should all buy gifts for ourselves.

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