Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It was my birthday last week.
It sort of came and went with not much fuss.
It's ok. Birthdays aren't quite as exciting as they used to be.

I was lucky to have a sleep in. 
We went out for a yummy dinner.
I was given some beautiful flowers, crafty sewing books and a bunch of little treats.
I also got lots of hugs and kisses. More than usual, that is.

Then on Saturday, my husband disappeared for a walk through the market
and returned with a special little parcel for me. 
It was this lovely blown glass beaded necklace.

Handmade by a fellow Salamanca Market stallholder and friend, Jemma.
She's a very talented glass artist who makes beautiful jewellery, perfume bottles and beads.

Aren't I lucky...?
It's an original, it's beautiful, and I just love the colours.


  1. What a lovely Mr you have - and happy belated birthday wishes!

  2. Happy birthday.
    What a beautiful bracelet, lucky you :-)


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