Thursday, October 27, 2011

That time of year.

I've been busily sewing skirts again this week. 
Some for orders. Some just for stock.
I'm hoping to have a full display rack at the market this Saturday.
It's that time of year again... The panic is setting in.
The days are warmer. The market is busier. 
People are out and about. They're happy.
They're thinking about buying Christmas presents.

 It means lots of late nights at the sewing machine.
No procrastinating. Minimal blogging. Just work. 
Orders being completed. Supplies arriving at the door.
Trying to be efficient and organised.

Also, we're having a couple of busy weeks here at home. 
A new roof. A couple of skylights.
Plaster dust everywhere.
Piles of stuff for the rubbish tip.
A long awaited garage sale.
New chooks digging up the seedlings.
 An overnight trip up to Launceston.
Letter writing. Lunch dates.
A birthday or two.

Trying to spend quality time with my little man before he heads off to Kinder next year.
It's too soon. I'm not ready to lose him to school.
Even if only for three days a week.
Feeling a bit sad and overwhelmed by it all.

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