Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Creative Space.

Last night I made some toys.  Little colourful toys.
Pom-pommy toys.  Dangley stretchy feathery toys.
And then I made this guy.
I named him The Tinkle Cat. He's purple and fleecey.

He has plaited woolly whiskers and a long tail with bells.
He's soft and cuddly, and is filled with wool.
There's also a few wooden beads inside his belly for a bit of texture and rattle.

I should have been spending my time cutting out skirts for my market stall this Saturday.
But making toys was much more fun.
Toys for our new little Kitty.

We adopted her on Tuesday afternoon.
Her name is Gypsy.  She's adorable.
And she likes her new toys very much.

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  1. enjoy your new kitty :) and I LOVE The Tinkle Cat.

  2. Tinkle Cat is so cute and so is your wee kitty!


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