Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Around my sewing studio is a whole lot of mess. 
It's a construction site actually.
There's sawdust and plaster dust.
Tools and drop sheets, tiles and tape measures.
Bags of mortar. Pieces of carpet. Lengths of pipe.

Things have been moved around.
There's stuff all stacked up out of the way.
But I'm managing to do my work around it.
As long as I keep my little area tidy and dust free, then all is ok.
I can cope with a bit of disruption.

I've been busily working on some new designs.
Wrap vests. Ponchos. Shawls. Cowls. Brooches.
As well as some different skirt styles.
It's been nice to do something new.
To tell the truth - I'm a bit over making bags.

Think I might concentrate more on clothing these days.
For a while anyway.
I'd like to show some photos, but I can't.
I seem to have misplaced the camera charger. 
I think that maybe I left it in Cairns when we were there a month ago.

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