Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Creative Space.

I love this fabric.  I've got lots of it.
I'm lucky to have it in a few different colour variations too.
There's a vibrant red, green and bluey one.
A softer brown earthy toned one.
A rich olivey green one.
And then this one with subtle orange, cream, aqua and mint green tones.

I think there was also a purpley grey one - but I didn't buy any.
I wish I had. 

 I use it quite often in the centre of my paneled A-line skirts.
It's good in that lots of different colours can be picked out and matched with it.
In other words, it gives me lots of options when I'm designing a skirt.

I'm sewing lots of new A-line skirts this week.
(Including one a bit like this - for an order)
It's been about three weeks since I made any skirts.
I've been concentrating more on making wrap vests.
I'm also re-designing the market site. 
The 'to-do' list is long, and is growing every day.
As is the fabric pile on my sewing table.
All my cutting out has had to be done on the floor recently.
Good exercise for the legs, but bad on the back...

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  1. That really is gorgeous fabric and perfect for a skirt panel. Love it!


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