Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Feeling a bit flat lately.
Haven't posted in ages.
Haven't even been commenting on others posts.
Been recovering from a double dose of flu and tonsilitis.
Just can't seem to shake that crappy end-of-winter-blah feeling.

I know I should be working harder, but just can't seem to find the enthusiasm.
The next few months will be be mad at the markets.
I know they will.
They always are.

Went to a 3 year olds party today. Then did some hard work in the garden.
Now I'm tired and my back is aching.
Lots of weeding, picking up rocks and raking up leaves and sticks.

Hopefully I'll get that much needed boost of energy once I head over to my sewing machine. Maybe I'll get all inspired and just sew, sew, sew.

Or maybe I'll go to bed early and read my book...

I'll procrastinate for just a bit longer and make myself a cup of tea. Yeah.

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